You’re Not Living Your Best Life Just Yet

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Guest Writer You're Not Living Your Best Life Yet
Author: Nyla Ray 
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“I am the face of Self-Awareness”
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You’re Not Living Your Best Life Just Yet

Did I ever tell you the story about when I almost died!? It wasn’t in the physical form, but definitely mentally, emotionally and spiritually. It was about 10 years ago. I was in a wonderful relationship, surrounded by lifelong friends, a supportive and loving family & I was even preparing for graduation from the Duel Program at Cleveland State University and yet, there I was…dying!

There is something about a near death experience that gives pause to future plans. Internally you just know that something isn’t right, you feel helpless and finding relief seems improbable.

In 2009, I started a journey of Self-Awareness. I wanted to become more in tune with myself and the world around me. I no longer wanted to wait for healing of my situation, I wanted to learn and teach others how to create PEACE and balance for their own lives.

As the face of Self-Awareness I have found my purpose in helping others find courage, motivation and build togetherness. Though at the time of embarking on the Self-Awareness journey it seemed as if I had everything going for me, boy was I wrong! 

I discovered that very few friendships I held to such high regards would not benefit me along this new adventure. I learned to let go of deadweight and to free up time for more meaningful friendships and experiences.

For me, that meant I had to let go of a long term relationship that was not beneficial for the journey ahead. Yes, letting go of people who have been part of your life for so long can be very emotional. understanding that you were not created to be abused, unappreciated, overlooked and judged by those closest to you is the pivotal moment. At this point you start to take inventory of your mental, emotional and spiritual health, this breakthrough is necessary for acknowledging triggers. 

The journey of Self-Awareness is the “the mask’ off approach to situations and daily living. This journey is for everyone, unfortunately everyone will not make it through. As you live in the hustle and bustle our mind becomes addicted to the hamster wheel. In other words, being tired of the stress, being tired of disobedient kids, being tired of the co-parenting, being tired of your dead-end job/career is simply not enough to embark on this in-depth personal journey. You have to believe that the blessings, peace and clarity for your life are on the outside of the chaos. Do you deserve peace? Do you want clarity for your life? Do your desire a better connection with God and the world that will reveal your purpose? 

Self-Awareness is key to learning to balance emotional, mental and spiritual health. Are you ready to take this unique journey? It’s time to elevate and stop making excuses for living in chaos.

Be bold. Be brave. And learn to live in your purpose.

2 thoughts on “You’re Not Living Your Best Life Just Yet

    1. Hello Micki,

      It’s a blessing that I am able to inspire you through my story. May you be encouraged to start, continue and/or finish your own journey of Self-Awareness.

      Thank you for your support and kind words, well received and appreciated!

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