Hot Process Soapmaking Virtual Class

During our Hot Process Soapmaking Virtual Class, you will learn how to make Hot Process (HP) soap from beginning to end. Our class will teach you the fundamentals of making natural soap, as well as Sodium Hydroxide (Lye) Safety, post-cook ingredients, and more.

Hot Process Soap Making Virtual Class is a two-part class.
Each class is limited to 5 students. This assures that everyone has the opportunity to ask questions in a fun, relaxed, learning environment.

Part One (Group Session):

  • Lye Safety
  • Fundamentals of Hot Process Soapmaking
  • How to use a Soapmaking Calculator (Soapee)
  • Q&A
  • Hot Process Soapmaking Demonstration

Part Two (Individual Session):

  • 1:1 Session
  • Review HP Procedures and Lye Safety
  • You make your first batch of Hot Process Soap, while I guide you through the process
  • Scheduled to fit your availability

Cost: $200.00, due upon open class enrollment (not now)

My People Soap Bar
Hot Process Soapmaking My People Spa Bar

This class is designed for all levels of Soapers.

For the Beginner: HP is a great way to start your soapmaking journey. It’s where I started and fell in love with soapmaking. Keeps your hands busy and it is so exciting to watch the phases.

For the Seasoned Soapmaker: HP is a great way to create luxury bars without losing the properties of ingredients during saponification. The best part, you can bring your Cold Process Recipes along as many transitions well into HP.

Interested in taking our Hot Process Soapmaking Virtual Class?
Awesome, we would love to have you! Simply fill out the contact form below. Doing so adds you to our HP class email list and gives us permission to contact you with dates and times for our next session. However, this does NOT obligate you to take the class.