Maker’s Perspective: Small-Batch vs. Mass-Produced Skincare

A Makers Perscpective Small Batch VS Mass Market

In recent news, concerns have been raised about the presence of cancer-causing chemicals in popular acne products. While the title is, Maker’s Perspective: Small-Batch vs. Mass-Produced Skincare. I am also speaking as a concerned parent, understanding that a lot of these products are used by our teens and young adults. This revelation underscores the importance of being mindful of what we put on our skin. As a small-batch skincare maker, I am passionate about crafting products with utmost care and intentionality. While Hazel’s Soapery does not and will not ever make any medical claims, I feel compelled to share my maker’s perspective on the matter. Hopefully, in a tactful manner 🙂 As well as, some of the differences between small-batch and mass-produced skincare.

Community of Makers: Embracing a Culture of Craftsmanship

Over the years, I’ve had the privilege of being part of a vibrant community of makers worldwide. Many of us began our journey by creating products for personal use. Which then organically evolved into crafting for others as our skills developed. We often discuss ingredients, the dos and don’ts. Recently, I found myself discussing the frustration of larger commercial body care companies targeting specific demographics with their products. What struck me was the similarity between their offerings and those created by smaller makers like myself.

Rising Trends in Skincare: The Influence of Small-Batch Creations

It’s interesting to observe how certain ingredients, once championed by smaller businesses, are now finding their way into mass-produced products by big corporations. This trend speaks volumes about the growing consumer awareness regarding ingredients and their effects on skin health. However, there’s a stark difference in the approach between small-batch makers and large corporations.

Marketing Tactics of Large Corporations: A Closer Examination

While larger companies may boast hefty marketing budgets and sophisticated labs, they often lack the heart and soul that goes into crafting each product (In my head picture Ashley Abbott at the Jabot Lab). Many of us smaller businesses invest our own funds and time into researching and sourcing high-quality, safe ingredients. We’re committed to avoiding harmful chemicals and prioritizing the well-being of our customers.

Ashley Abbott wants to know:
How did I get dragged into this mess!?!?!

Heart and Soul in Skincare Crafting: The Essence of Small-Batch Production

One of the key distinctions lies in the level of intentionality behind ingredient selection. While some companies may include trendy ingredients in minuscule amounts for marketing purposes, small-batch makers prioritize efficacy and safety above all else. We carefully scrutinize every ingredient, ensuring that each serves a purpose and contributes to the overall quality of the product.

Supporting Authenticity: Making Informed Choices for Your Skin

It’s important to acknowledge that supporting small businesses may require a bit more effort. Products may occasionally be out of stock, and the purchasing process might not be as convenient as grabbing an item off a shelf. However, the value lies in knowing that each product is made with care and attention to detail.

Luminosity Face and Body Soap with Cardamom and Moringa
Luminosity Face and Body Soap with Cardamom and Moringa by Hazel’s Soapery

As much as Hazels Soapery would love to earn your business, there are countless other small-batch skincare brands out there that are also deserving of your support. Whether you explore local farmers’ markets, boutique shops, or online platforms, I encourage you to seek out alternatives that align with your values and prioritize your well-being.

In conclusion, let’s choose to support makers who pour their heart and soul into creating products designed with you in mind. Together, we can champion a cleaner, safer alternative to mass-produced skincare and make more informed choices about what we put on our bodies.

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