Good Ol’ Pine Tar Salve



Good Ol’ Pine Tar Salve is in a word- amazing. If you are a fan of our All-Purpose, Calendula or Breathe Better Salves you will not be disappointed with Good Ol’ Pine Tar. This is a multipurpose salve and can be used to both soften beards as well as feet and many other things.

Pine Tar has long been and currently used for many purposes. Applying the pine tar ointment directly to the skin and rubbing until absorbed is the recommended use. Note: Pine tar does have a very woodsy smoky aroma similar to that of a campfire.

Our Good Ol’ Pine Tar Salve is a wonderful compliment to our Good Ol’ Pine Tar Soap Bar. The combination would be an excellent treat for your skin. As well as a great gift idea for the outdoorsmen in your life. Good Ol Pine Tar Salve and Soap Hazels soapery

Haven’t tried any of our Salves before? Click here for a customer review. Take her word and try one for yourself. Start with our Pine Tar Salve.

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