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Work It Out – Kombo Butter Salve is an all-natural salve. Made with Kombo Butter, harvested in Ghana, and great to help with moisture and other uses.  In addition, we blended Plantain and Arnica infused Hemp and Safflower Oils. Slowly melted down with Beeswax and Coconut Oil.

This process allows for all of the butter and oils to marry and blend.  The end result is a lovely brown salve scented with a little Geranium and Black Pepper Essential Oils.

Work it Out – Kombo Butter Salve is perfect for after a workout and pairs wonderfully with any of our soaps or other Salves, Good Ol Pine Tar.

If you are unfamiliar with the many uses of Kombo Butter we highly suggest you look it up. As we always say, Know Thy Ingredients. As well as the other ingredients used.

We make NO medical claims with regard to our products.

If you have questions seek the advice of a trained medical professional prior to use.

As well as with any product, we also suggest doing a test on a small patch of skin prior to use.



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