DIY Salve Making Course

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Regardless if you are a Maker or want to create Salves for yourself and your family.  Hazel’s Soapery downloadable DIY Salve Course is designed for you.

Salves have been around forever. However, today you will often find them made with petroleum jelly or close to the ingredients you want to use but not exactly.

Take back your control.  Our DIY Salve Making Course gives you back the control to choose your own ingredients.  The base recipe is fairly simple. But the magic happens when you are able to combine the infused herbs and oils of your choice to create a salve that meets your needs.  They are also a great way to put to use all those infused oils you have around.Hazels Soapery DIY Salve Making Course Downloadable

Our course is very detailed oriented and provides you with both written and video instructions, 3 recipes, a list of items you need with links, and more. This is a downloadable course, so no need to worry about scheduling or missing information.  Once it’s yours, it’s yours to keep.

For the Makers, our Salves have always been a fan favorite product.  From our All Purpose Salve to our Salves designed for beards we tend to get great feedback.  So they are a great addition to your product line.

For that are interested in making for personal use. They are great items to keep on hand.  From Salves with Plaintain to those with Eucalyptus.  You will love having them in your bathroom cabinets.

For both, they make AMAZING gifts, especially for those who wash their hands a lot! We give them to teachers every year!

After you make a purchase, the course will be automatically downloaded to your device. Please keep in mind that this is a large file, so it’s best to use a computer or device with enough storage space for the download and saving process. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at




2 reviews for DIY Salve Making Course

  1. K. Tree (verified owner)

    This class was way better than I expected. I enjoyed the videos and appreciate the explanation of the salve (product) and all.

  2. Kimberly (verified owner)

    I developed a lip balm from the knowledge I gained from Camille Brown salve course. This past Saturday I attended our annual Pig Pickin Festival, I put them in a cute heart shaped dollar tree container in the middle of the table. They basically sold themselves and definitely paid for the course and then some. And one
    lady was asking for a salve for her mother. Just wanted to share this with you all…

    • Hazel’s Soapery (verified owner)

      Wow Kimberly!
      Thank you so much for coming and sharing such an awesome experience with us. I am so pleased to read how the class helped you. Even more excited to see how you were able to incorporate it and create a product that did so well.

      Thank you again for trusting us and keep us posted on all the amazing Salves you make! We love it!

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