Ever Had a Day Like This?

Imagine this for a stress relief shower

OK. So I woke up this morning. Started to get ready for the Farmers Market. Alexa is not trustworthy, as the partly cloudy with pop up thunderstorm weather that she predicted was wrong! It was HOT and I was not mentally prepared. Then 9 yr old tells me that she isn’t going because she doesn’t feel well. OK. Get to the market, set up, by 10:30 I am packing back up because now 13 yr old child is sick in the bathroom at the market. I almost slice off my finger on the phone screen that was run over yesterday trying to make home business calls in the process. So I get home to both children getting sick, a third on the mend. No groceries especially nothing that I would put on upset tummies. My brain is going in 50 different directions and all I want is a hot shower.

Me Thinking What in the World is going on?

I asked if you ever had a day like today? I know the answer is yes. It might not be children or a market. But its one of those days that just start off with different intentions then the ones that you had planned. You feel me? These are the days that I am most proud that Hazel’s Soapery is in the world. Because on a day like today the last thing you want is to smell like you are your way to the club. For the smell of whatever product you used to be so strong that it almost makes you sick or even worse starts the ladies back to getting sick. If you are anything like me you just want to be this was a long (Blankity blank) day clean.

Divine Face and Body and Itchy No More Cleansing Bars
Divine Face and Body and Itchy No More Cleansing Bars

For instance tonight, I am getting the kind of clean where I will use Divine to wash my face and follow up with aloe plant. I am torn between a Eucalyptus bar, Tea tree. Peppermint or Lavender Chamomile bar for my body to fight off cooties. I am going to put on my ugly pajamas, watch a movie, pour a glass of wine, a glass of wine and a glass of wine and reset. I know you know this feeling!

Hazel’s Soapery is here because real life happens and you just have to take it in stride. Because some days the best thing you can do for your mind and your body is to just wash it off. Let it go down the drain so that you can start tomorrow off well rested, refreshed with a clean slate and do the dang thing again another day. Because no matter what comes our way, in that moment we face it, we handle it just don’t forget to wash it off and let it go down the drain. Let Hazel’s take care of that part for you, like its going to do for me in about 15 minutes πŸ™‚

Ya’ll have a blessed night and tell me about your day.


PS I also owe a few Special Thank You’s to those who helped at the Farmers Market today. Especially a young lady at Monarch Cafe, she was very kind and helpful.

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