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My Fav Five

So, by now, I think y’all are starting to catch my vibe. I am all about things that make me happy and aide in relaxation. Living my best life, and supplying y’all with a few tips to do the same. So this week, I plan to share a little bit about some things that bring me joy. The main sources of my joy are my spiritual fulfillment and my family—but I will talk about them at another time. The focus today is on five things I love to have that bring a little joy to my life.

I’m going to start this countdown off with my fifth favorite. Probably just because it may seem a bit odd. The thing is, that I really, really, really—love my Plum Papers Planner. This planner is completely customizable from the cover to each and every page in between. Since I am a list maker from wayback, I custom order a vertical calendar. This way, I can list-make to my hearts content 365 days a year. There are also super great additional section options for prayer, budgets, brainstorming, or whatever rocks your boat! If you are a planner person, the Plum Paper planners will be like a dream come true—I promise you!.

The fourth thing that puts a smile on my face is Hallmark Movies. I know there are a ton of people who jump on this bandwagon come November, but I’m on the bandwagon all year long. Spring and Summer are rough, because they show less movies than they do during the holiday months, but at least I can get a fix. Whether it’s Summer Nights, or Countdown for Christmas I am there for all of it! Yes, the are corny, and definitely lacking in diversity—but the predictability and focus on love and kindness is a positive message that I can really get behind.

My third love—chocolate. I am pretty much down for any kind of chocolate, but I really truly love those little individually wrapped Lindt chocolates you can find at Michaels and Joanns. I rarely—no, I never get out of either of those places without picking up at least one. They are creamy and delicious, and oh so decadent! If you have not tried this deliciousness, I absolutely encourage you to run out to try some!

My second love is of pretty much anything that smells good! Oh how I love candles, and soaps, and oils, and perfumes! I love to smell good and l love for my work environment to smell good—one might even say I have a bit of an obsession. Even it is, everyone, knows that scents have a pretty significant impact on emotions and that the right scent can seriously help you to relax. In this section, it is too hard to name just one, so instead, I will share product that I am excited for, Lavender and Hibiscus body oil by Hazel’s Soapery. There are tons of delicious smelling soaps, oils, and scrubs to be found at Hazel’s Soapery—but lavender is one of my all time favorites!!! Custom orders are available as well, so I’m sure if you don’t see a scent that seems right for you she will surely find one for you!

So here we are! Down to the number one thing that brings me joy! It’s creating y’all. Probably not a big surprise here, I mean my site is full of photos, paintings, drawings, and graphics I have created. This is where I find my peace—my release—where I am my truest self. I can just do whatever I feel, however I feel. Sometimes it comes out great, sometimes it doesn’t, but there is just so much joy in my ability to be able to make something. I always learn while I create and I often surprise myself. I truly hope that this is something I will be able to enjoy for a very long time. I also hope that you will stop by my site as well as the other sites here to find something that will bring a little joy to your life. As always—See y’all next week!


 I must share that  I generally hate sharing pictures of myself, but this is a rendering I did not too long ago that I actually like! That however, is not my primary point– I just wanted to tell you a little about myself and my little business.  I started Nothin’ Common because after a lifetime of just working jobs and trying to be normal–I realized I’m not all that “normal”.  There are certainly normal aspects to my life–I am a wife and mother of two–but I have always been a bit on the outside of things and skipped to my own beat.  I often went out of my way to NOT follow the crowd. I work a “regular” job to make sure the basic needs of my family are met, but am most passionate about art and creating.  Aside from my family, creating gives me the greatest joy of my life.  The freedom and peace I find in taking photos, designing, drawing, and painting is unlike another experience for me. I hope that the work you see here gives you some joy.  My dream is that I can take my passion to the next level by making this my full time work–so I thank you for stopping by and appreciate your support.

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