DIY Citrus Household Cleaner

Don’t throw away those citrus peels! Are you looking for an DIY Citrus Household Cleaner? Here is one that is simple and easy!

DIY Citrus Household Cleaner Hazels Soapery

Well why not make one for yourself. In this video I am using orange and grapefruit peels and white viegar to make an all natural cleaner. I hate the smell of bleach. However in the last few weeks I have been using it faithfully. As many of you have as well. However I needed a cleaner to use on my counters and surfaces in between the bleach cleanings. Something that my children could spray and use after lunch etc. Its really simple and inexpensive.

There are two versions of this cleaner that you can make. You can also add other essential oils, cloves, rosemary sprigs or start anise. Your options are limitless.

DIY Citrus Household Cleaner Video

Version 1: Faster Preparation

  • Cover orange peels in a saucepan with water and start a rolling boil
  • Once boiling reduce heat to simmer (Helps release the oil limonene in the peels)
  • Simmer an hour
  • Allow to cool completely
  • Strain two times to catch any peel and pulp
  • Combine 2 parts vinegar to one part water in spray bottle. All Done

Version 2: More Concentrated

  • In a sanitized glass jar add peels
  • Completely cover with Vinegar (or Alcohol)
  • Close tightly and shake
  • Place in a cool dark area for two weeks
  • Shake daliy to help release the oil (limonene)
  • Strain twice as the peels will tend to break down
  • Add to spray bottle and Viola!

I hope you like these tips. Don’t forget to like, subscribe and leave a comment below. Share with a friend in the event they are having a hard time finding cleaners in local stores. Be Safe and Healthy! We have plenty of Natural and Handcrafted Soaps as well as several other Skin Essentials. Including a Citrus Scented Sugar Scrub.

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