Wash Your Hands! Video Kevin Johnson Jr.


Ok, If there is one thing we love just as much as soap. Its a well arranged ditty with a message. Wash Your Hands! Video Kevin Johnson Jr. Has to be the best self-collaboration ever. Just to remind you to Wash Your Hands! Watch Here! collaboration video ever. Just to remind you to, Go, Wash Your Hands!

Everyone has been asking, “What song do you sing when washing your hands?” Well this is a good one to sing a few times in order to get those 20 seconds in. Not only that, it is so catchy that it is bound to get stuck in your head. So you won’t wind up forgetting to wash them any time soon.

Sang it Kevin Johnson Jr, Sang It!

So share this brothers work (Wash Your Hands! Video Kevin Johnson Jr.) with your family, friends, preschool classes and more. As a matter of fact, why not make it your ring tone. That way it becomes contagious and everyone you come in contact with can remember to Go, Wash Their Hands as well. I can see this being sung this Sunday right after offering in churches throughout the world.

By the way, if all that washing has your hands dry, ashy or cracked. Check ut our Whipped Splendor Body or our All Purpose Salve. Got to put some moisture back into your hands! Ashy is not Classy.

Have a great day and enjoy!

Also, I really am going to need every one to learn and start singing this song. It is great. The good news is it has already gone viral in 48 Hours. See, Im not the only one with good taste in Dittys! Well done!

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