Hazel’s Soapery AKA the Full Time Gig!

Sometimes we pray for a thing to happen. It doesn’t happen as soon as you would like. Often times, not the way you would like. However, you never abandon the prayer of your heart. You humbly pray with supplication and wait.

I did, and even though it wasn’t packaged the way I would prefer. I am thankful for God and his timing. For releasing me from snares and distractions so that I can put full effort and heart into Hazel’s Soapery. So now I can focus on Hazel’s full time! During my alert hours and not just give it the pieces that were left over.

I can tell you, I am thankful, excited, terrified and now being called to the carpet. Now I must show what I know I can do. As Goaple play in my ears. “I’m getting higher, closer to my dreams.”

I am so excited that each of you are here to share this journey with me! Please like, share and continue to support Hazel’s (even if it just a quick, hey!). Of course, orders are AWESOME as well! Know of a craft fair or vending event, drop it in the comments!

I can feel my dreams! Not a nickel to show YET, But the opportunity is priceless!

Be Blessed.

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