Mindful Showers – Quick Ways to Self-Care

Mindful SHowers For Men Too Hazels Soapery

If you are anything like me, you never feel that there are enough hours left at the end of the day to take care of yourself. Yes, everyone preaches self-care here, self-care there. But the truth of the matter is, most days I do good to get in the shower. Let alone find the time for a long soak (I’d probably fall asleep) or go to the Spa (just never been my thing). What I needed was a quick way to Self-Care and Mindful Showers was the ticket.

However, I do need to physically something to slow my mind down. I don’t need it take too much time. However, I needed a moment where I praticed Mindfulness. Allowing me time to slow down my breathing. Ease my tension and relax. A quick way to self-care not a full weekend retreat.

One of the things that has helped me to do this is what I like to call Mindful Scrubs (Oh boy, I’m sensing a new set launching). I am sharing this with you because it has been really helpful. Try it out and let me know how it goes. Best part is you can do it home in as much or as little time needed.

So what am I talking about? I’ll use the PM Sugar Scrub as an example.

Here is How You Do It:

Prepare a nice warm shower.
Grab your Mindful Showers Sugar Scrub
Wash your body, then begin with the scrub.
Bring to mind one thing that is causing you stress and gently scrub it away.
Focus on one area at a time. Right arm might be work, this really upset me today when…as you are scrubbing.
Rinse away with a positive affirmation. I am worthy of peace in my place of employment.
Left arm. I feel bad for yelling at the children. Rinse it away. I am a person and I forgive myself for my shortcommings. Tommorow I will be more gentle with my words.
Talk away your self doubts. Speak positivity into your life, take deep breaths, inhale the aroma of the Lavender. Allow the steam draw out any anxiety. When done try not to start anythingelse, just get straight into the bed.

If there is something big happening during the day and you need to pep yourself up a bit. Try the same principles with our Peppermint Scrub first thing in the morning. Visualize your day and your success. Speak it to yourself (I do it out loud). Acknowledge the doubt, I am nervous about
this presentation. Rinse it off, I know my stuff I am prepared and ready to go. Visualize your to
do list and rinse off being overwhelmed, I will make sure to do the things that keep up my energy, drink water, eat properly, use google assitant (ok that is a personal note for myself). But I think you get the gist.

Taking care of yourself does not have to be another laborious task to add to your already complex life. It can start with a shower and our emulisfied scrubs will assist you along the way.

Created to not only exfoliate but also moisturize. They have a more firm consistency than some srubs which prevents them from running down your hand before you reach your body. Formulated with Butters and Oils as well as Poppyseeds. Once you use them, you really come out the shower feeling like a new you.

So there you have it, Mindful Showers with the Lavender Scrubs in the evening and Peppermint in the mornings. Did I mention that these are great scrubs for both Gentlemen and Ladies? While Lavender and Peppermint are the two scents I prefer. You can choose any of our scrub scents and follow the same steps.

What are some quick self-care techniques you use or plan on using? So far I have one, So I can definitely use a few more. Drop them in the comments befow.

Thanks for reading and share with someone who needs it!