What Have You Done For ME Lately?

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That’s right! I said it!

Now march yourself over to the mirror, stand there, look yourself straight in the eye and ask the question:
What Have YOU done for ME Lately?

It’s ok to take your time and think about it. It’s ok to say, I just took YOU out to dinner. Or WE just had a nice glass of wine together and relaxed.

It’s ok to admit the answer might be nothing. It’s not meant to make you bash yourself so if that is what you are doing stop. Close your eyes, Take a breath and imagine you are talking to 7 year old you. Because as people we deal with enough negativity, we have our guard up enough when we walk away from the mirror.

When we take a moment and ask ourselves, “What have you done for me lately?” We need to speak to the place inside of us that is still tender. That piece of us that we try to protect and the answer should be something to nurture our inner peace. So it doesn’t have to be anything expensive, although it could be. It doesn’t have to be anything small or large. It just has to be something for you.

Let us learn to give ourselves enough grace to understand that in order to give to others we do not have to forsake ourselves.

My mirror is waiting for me…how about yours?
~ Camille

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