Hazel’s Soapery’s Old Fashioned Family Remedies

Most families have tried and true remedies for colds and flu season. How they originated and where they came from we never knew. We only knew that one day we were sick and Grandma or Granddaddy would go in the kitchen and tinker around. After a while they would emerge with some concoction that would, as my Grandmother Hazel would say,”make it all better”. Whiskey on the gums, onions in your socks and the list goes on.

While THIS IS JUST FOR FUN NOT FOR MEDICAL ADVISE. I am going to share my grandfather’s remedy for when we were ill. Share yours as well and let’s see if we can have a little fun.
Every summer my grandfather would take honey, honey comb, raisins, rock candy and whiskey. He’d mix them together and put under the cabinet for when we got colds. Honey soothed throat, whiskey broke fever, raisins made you poop it out and rock candy and honey comb were cough drops. You slept you sweat you poop you stop coughing you go outside and play because you were all good.
Now by today’s warnings he would have been in trouble for the whiskey and depending on how old we were when first dosed up with the “liquid gold” the honey as well. However it worked every time and quickly every time.

*Again this post is only intended for fun, not medical advice or as a recommendation of something you should try. JUST FUN

Does your family have a tradition to ward off illness or to cure it in lightning speed? If so share below, we’d love to read about it.


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