My Family and You

Today as I was preparing to make spa bars. I brought down all the equiptment and I got out my handy brown paper. As I spread the paper out I began to think about my Aunt Nelly.

Aunt Nelly made the best brownies in the world (I’m allergic to chocolate so I really shouldn’t know). However when she was finished mixing she was almost immediately ready to play. How did she do that. It took others an hour to clean up the kitchen. Her secret, wax paper. She put it down Everytime she went into the kitchen to bake it made clean up cinch.

So today as I was preparing, I thought of these precious moments I had with her as a child. I thought of the way arms wiggled when she mixed, how she would smile at me and tell me the cocoa powder wasn’t sweet. How her one secret step now aids me 30 years later. I smile because she is not forgotten.

I share this with you so that you know when a spa bar or body butter or lip balm is created for your family. That I am thinking of the love, lessons and fond memories of my family. Not a bottom line, or profit, or even mass production. I am in the moment taking care to create a skin essential that is a benefit to you. One where you come first and become a part of the family. You aren’t just getting a bar of soap. You can get that anywhere. You are getting a skin essential that is Handcrafted with Love, Just for You!

Have a wonderful day!


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