Iron Sharpens Iron & Soap Too!

Hi All:

Yesterday I had the pleasure of spending the day at an event for Soap and Candle Makers. It was such a great experience to share the day with others who have the same goal in mind as I, to create an awesome skin alternative to store brought items. Creations that are not only pleasing to the eye but also is a benefit to those who use them.

Although all of us were at different levels in our journey, we were all willing to sit together and share information and encouragement in a spirit of camaraderie. A true, Iron sharpens Iron experience.

In other words, Ive got some great ideas up my sleeve for Hazel’s and for you! As they say, the more you know the more you grow. We are always in the process of learning and expanding our knowledge base. Even though we love our products as they are, we are always looking for ways to raise our BAR of excellence! (pun intended)

Handmade with Love, Just for YOU!
Hazel’s Soapery

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