Get Ready – Back on Track

Good Sunday Morning My Lovelies.

So school has started and we are really excited.

Why? Because not only do we get to watch our children grow and develop and blossom another academic year. It also means that I get to start soaping, creating, planning, in a regular schedule again. Routine is becoming a friend of mine as I get ol..ummm wiser. Yes, wiser.

So what kind of things do I have up my sleeve? Well first, I need to make room for my fall collection. How am I going to do that? Well with an exciting upcoming promotion, of course. So be sure to subscribe to “Soapin’ Happens” at so you don’t miss out. There might be an extra bonus mailed to subscribers this week.

The other thing we will be working on is finding a small boutique or coffeehouse to place our items for purchase. If you are in the Spartanburg/Greenville area let me know if you are interested in hosting pop-up event or small display. Just email me at

Truth be told, there is a wonderful person at a coffee shop in the area that I need to contact. We had a lovely conversation about teaming up and I allowed fear and the words of others to stall that progress. I’m over that. I’m tired of knowing that I have something great to offer and allowing apprehension to hold me back.

It’s amazing how life can work. At some point in my life, when I knew far less than I know now. I had an unquestionable amount of gusto, courage, over confidence, right? Now I am able to produce and create these wonderful items and when I arrive at a place where the work and dedication meet with opportunity I find myself stalling. Well please know, I have identified the kink in my armor, I have found my mallet and I am hammering it out. The first blow is to learn how to shield my thoughts and ideas.

For me, creating bars and body butters, etc is a true labor of love. I get a rush from it. I think of you when I create. It’s personal, and because of that I am vulnerable and sensitive to it. What I have to remember when seeking counsel, is that everyone doesn’t have that thing. That I need to be able to protect and move forward. That to some I am just making something that could be a sandwich. I need to stop internalizing everything those people have to say. Take from it what I can use, because there is usually something, and then go back to trusting my instinct.

In the beginning my instinct told me I needed to be somewhere where you can see, and touch, and feel, my products. I got away from that, I need to go back.

I need to go back to understanding that there are those willing to be supportive and those that you would assume would be supportive. That those are two different types and I need to use discernment to separate the two. some of your assumed supporters will intentionally stall your growth. Some of the people willing to support are strangers who take an entire Saturday to walk you through a website issue and then disappear again.

At any rate, somehow my “hey, look what’s coming”, post turned into a Sunday couch session. I’m going for now, but I will have specials to come. Maybe more for subscribers, so don’t forget to subscribe to “Soapin’ Happens” on the site.

I’m off to get busy and continue to reflect and prepare for a great fall season. Hope you are part of the growth and journey.

Take care and God Bless,

~Hazel’s Soapery

Just remember, if God gave you a dream that could change the whole world. While the world might benefit, He gave the vision to you. If He wanted the world to know, it will either be part of the dream. Or everyone would have the same dream. He has the power to do both.

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