Celebrating Hazel (Gramma) of Hazel’s Soapery

Today is the birthday of my Grandmother Hazel Whitman. Yep, you guessed it, that’s where the name comes from. She;s been gone a while now and while I don’t focus a lot of energy on recognizing the day she left, I always acknowledge her Birthday. Why?

Becuase in my opinion, she lived a life (not perfect) that left a positive impact on most people that she knew. She prayed all the time and her prayers were answered. She fed the hungry, even off the back porch when my Grandfather wanted her to stop. She was a business owner long before it was popular for Black Women to be an entrepreneur. Oh, and the Creme de la Creme’ she told the best (Sometimes dirty) jokes whenever she would get together with her cousin, Theda, and her sisters. She was loving and kind and honest.

So I celebrate her life every year and every year I strive to take the parts of her that she gave to me to help me become a better person.

So today help me celebrate! Be Extra Kind, tell a joke and most importantly pray for someone else!

My gift to each of you is that today August 22, 2017. I will add one Free gift to every purchase made!

Have a blessed day and I hope it is full of Joy!
Hazel’s Granddaughter,


One thought on “Celebrating Hazel (Gramma) of Hazel’s Soapery

  1. R.I.H a Bless Woman, Prays for her Family and those in need. And passes a Legacy for all to Share and Believe. GOD BLESS, those who Share your Strength in continuing to pass it on 🙏🏽🙌🏽!

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