Hazel’s Soapery and The Girls

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I learned to cook being in the kitchen Grama, Hazel. Like most children who learn to cook with their grandmother, it begins with liking the cake batter bowls. Being the official taste tester of the macaroni and for me her world-famous peach cobbler she could whip up at the drop of a dime. Her catch phrase “Taste this, and tell me what it needs”. By the way, it rarely needed anything, and I’m pretty sure she knew that! 🙂

I would stand next to her in the kitchen by the oval-shaped table that looked like marble, but you could tell by the chips in the top and the place where my brother and I ripped a part off, that it was really Formica. However it didn’t matter, it could have been made of gold or cardboard, the lessons that were learned while dumping in an unmeasured cup of flour into a bowl, that would later turn into a perfect cake were priceless. (Side note: While I got a good hand on the peach cobbler, never and I repeat never eat a cake that I bake! I DID NOT LEARN THAT LESSON)

So a lot of times I try to honor my grandmother’s memory when I represent Hazel’s. I treat my customers the way she would expect and I (while using precise measurements) try to create recipes that would honor the lessons that were given to me during the time we were together.

Then the other day it dawned on me, my children are not around the table. Now mind you I am a mother of 6. Blessed with a blended family and claim every foot that ever sits under my table. However, in keeping up with honoring my grandmother, I know that if she were here, she would want to know why I was not including the girls that are still home in my business in some way (Ages: 12,11,7 and 6).

Of course not in any way that would break any child labor laws. Or nothing having to do with mixing chemicals. However, I am doing them an injustice by not allowing them to see me grow or struggle as a business owner. There are times when I’ll say, “one second, I am working on a post” or ” I can finish this book, then I have to wrap soap”. I mean the older girls are old enough to start their own lip balm line, right? What’s to stop them.

The truth of the matter is they can all help with some part of the production. The older girls love to make videos and take photos. The 7 yr old. was born with the mind and heart of an entrepreneur and the six-year-old has the imagination of a great author. Why am I denying them the chance to learn how to run a business at a young age? To learn how to use these natural talents they have in a safe and nurturing environment? They see me go to work, many have been to work with me, why allow them to see me empower someone else’s vision and not allow them to see me, or better yet, be a part in the creation of their legacy?

Why am I not allowing them their chance around the table? Well going forward that changes. When they are curious or want to help, they will. Also to give them a sense of ownership, whenever they assist (Even if it’s just sticking on 1 label) I will add “and The Girls” to projects in which they assist.

Yup just thinking about it already making me smile. Come to the table babies, all are welcome!

How do you include your children in your business or hobbies?

Family First, this is for Them!


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