Breast, Thigh Sweat and Irritated Skin Two Simple Ingredients I Use

Breast and Thigh Irration Two Ingredients to help

One of my daughters once told me, “Girls don’t sweat they Sparkle”. As cute as the sentiment sounds its not one bit true. I live in hot, humid South Carolina. So a real part of life in the south and in the Summer period is sweat. It’s not cute, its not sparkly, its straight up sweat pouring out of your body and in the most uncomfortable places. In particular I’m speaking of Breast and Thigh sweat. So what is one to do when it is uncomfortable to be damp and the dampness causes irritation? Breast, Thigh Sweat and Irritated Skin, two Simple Ingredients I use that are miracle workers.

Corn Starch or Arrowroot Powder:

Now ya’ll should know by now that I’m not a super fancy girl. I like well crafted high quality products that work. So for me Cornstarch is my go to. I get it in the baking aisle at any grocery store for about .99 a box and it lasts forever. However I understand that many women have concerns about corn products and if this is you, Arrowroot powder will provide the same coverage without all the stuff that corn brings with it.

Image of Corn Starch to absorb Sweat
Corn Starch or Arrowroot Powder for Perspiration

How do I use it?

If I am going to use it directly after a shower, I dry my body then I sit the towel under my breast to absorb the extra water. I don’t rub as this can bother or cause irritation. After I am certain that I am dry, I take a large make up brush. Dip into Corn Starch and brush a thin layer under my breast and thighs. You only need a thin layer as you do not want too much corn starch to become caky.

If I am going to use it before I leave the house. I put it on using the make up brush prior to putting on my bra and after putting on my underpants. There’s just some places I don’t want it to go (if you’re picking up what I’m putting down). You can also brush across your forehead as well.

The second ingredient

Aloe Vera Plant:

If you do not have a live Aloe Vera Plant in your home you don’t know what you are missing. The next time you are at the grocery store or Farmers Market and see one. Buy it! It will be one of the best investments you can make for your skin. I got mine for $11.00 and have 6 offshoots from it here and there. I actually rub a split leaf on my face nightly and the results…well that will be another post. Back on topic!

I use Aloe Vera Plant for Irritation
I use Aloe Vera Plant for Irritation

Aloe on breast and thighs. I use Aloe when I have any irritation of chaffing. I simply pinch a leaf, split it long way down the middle, unfold it and rub on the affected area. That is it. When I do this I do not apply corn starch that evening. I just wait until I wake in the am and use the Corn Starch.

Ok remember a few paragraphs up when I said, “I’m not that fancy”. Well here is where I have a definite preference. I use the actual plant. So I can’t actually speak to the effectiveness of the store bought gel. If you have used the gel please let us know your experience in the comments.

No special mixing, No Tussin, No Coconut Oil. Just two simple ingredients: Cornstarch/Arrowroot to help absorb the moisture and Aloe Vera Plant to help with the irritation. Two simple ingredients that will probably cost you no more than 5.00, last a long time and what I use to deal with Breast and Thigh Sweat. Combined with our Itchy No More All Natural Cleansing Bar and I’m Good to Go!

Now here is an important statement for me to make. I am telling you what worked for me and how I used it. That I have Breast, Thigh Sweat and Irritated Skin. Two Simple Ingredients I Use. I am in no way stating that this will work for everyone or that it takes the place of seeing a Dr. or getting medical attention.

Is there anyone else out there already using these? If not, what have you found that works? I’d love to keep the conversation going in the comments.

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