Introducing: 5 New Amazing Products

Hazels Soapery Aloe Nice To Matcha Face Soap

Hey There! I hope everyone is doing well and healthy. What crazy times we are in right now. The world is changing right before our eyes. We are doing more at home, Skin Care being one. Being inside has definately made Hazel’s Soapery more creative. WIth that being said, I am introducing 5 new amazing products.

Coco Mango Mania Soap Bar
Scented to compliment our Mango Coconut Whipped Splendor Body Butter. It is a wonderful blend of sweet coconut and Sun-Ripened Mango. So light and refreshing, everyone will enjoy this bar.

Chrystal Spa Massage and Soap Bar
Scented with lovely blue lotus flowers, citrus and a light woodsy smell. It reminds you of a relaxing day at the spa. Great thing about this bar is you can also use it to alleviate tension with its massaging shape. Perfect when you need a moment to yourself in the bath or shower.

5 New Products Hazels Soapery

Good Ol’ Pine Tar Soap and Salve
Both All Natural and made with Pine Tar. A very woodsy scent that will remind you of a campfire. The soap is an excellent cleanser for your skin. While the salve has many uses: Beard Care, Feet, Hands and Scalp. You definatley want to get these together!

Aloe, Nice to Matcha Face and Body Bar
Fresh Aloe Vera and Matcha Tea with a hint of Chamomile Hydrosol. Designed to be a gentle cleanser for your face and body. All natural products with Aloe Vera Gel that was made in house. A great treat for your skin.

The great thing is, we have so many ideas in the works for you. Stay connected with us via social media (HazelsSoapery on all) and subscribe to our site.

All the best, wash your hands and stay healthy!

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