Aloe, Nice To Matcha Face and Body Bar


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Who doesn’t love Matcha Tea or Fresh Aloe Vera? So we would like to intruduce you to your new favorite Face and Body Bar. Aloe, Nice to Matcha Face and Body Bar!

We have combined finely ground Matcha with Freshly Pureed Aloe Vera Plant to create a bar that is great for your face and body. We also added a tad of Chamomile Hydrosol to tie it all together.

This bar is simply put, amazing. With a light scent of Chamomile. Which makes it a great soap for those with sensitivity to smells. It is also garnished with a little bit of fresh tea grounds by The Vibe Tea House. However, if you are not a fan of botanicals they can be easily removed and are NOT throughout the entire bar. Just a touch to add to the sheer elegance of this bar.

Perfect for those looking for a gentle yet refreshing all natural cleansing bar. In addition, this bar contains no lard, no tallow (None of our bars do), not even any yogurt.

What are you waiting for, you deserve to get to know, Aloe, Nice to Matcha! So order yours today! Would pair nicely with our Face and Body Oils.


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