Soap Cutting: Nyrvana Video

Hazels Soapery Gentlemens collection

When I tell you that this bar is simply amazing! I tell you no lies. Take a peek at our Soap Cutting: Nyrvana Video.

Nyrvana is one of the Fellas favorite bars. It smells so good that letely I haven’t I havent been able to keep it in stock. So I made a fresh batch last night. No two bars ever look the same, so come watch with me as I find out what todays batch looks like.

Recenlty we have noticed a great rise in our Gentlemen customers. and we love it. We aprreciate you choosing to get your skin essentials from Hazel’s Soapery. Escpecially since some of you have started to grow your quarintine beards. However we also want to acknowledge the fact that you are taking a consious effort to make sure you are taking care of yourselves.

Often when we talk about self-care we tend to think of it as a “girlie: thing. However, I absolutley love the fact that men are taking their health and well being seriously. Especially in times like now. There are so many things that can cause us stress and anxiety that everyone needs to have a Little Bit of Self-Care Everyday.

So to the guys, I see you. I appreciate you and I want you to continue to care for yourselves. Even if you arent doing it for that reason in particular. I mean becuase ot the end of the day our Gentlemen’s Collection smells amazing and i agood for you!

Have a great day and enjoy the Soap Cutting: Nyrvana Video. Be sure to follow our Facebook Page so you can see us the next time we go live!

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