Ok, I am torn on a name for this beauty. Vote to Name Our Newest Soap! See the video below to get a good look. Alrighty, friends Hazel’s Soapery needs your Vote!

It smells clean and refreshing and puts me in the mind of a popular laundry detergent. That rhymes with “R”ain. So that plus the shape has me thinking “Increase”.

Vote to Name Our Newest Soap!

However, when I first started making it my muse was Missy Elliott’s “Cool Off”. Plus the colors look like the end of a hot, humid South Carolina day. When the heat goes down and it finally starts to “Cool Off”.

So which do you like?
A) Increase
B) Cool Off

Vote to Name Our Newest Soap!

Leave your choice in the comments below.

A special thank you to Dasianee Foster of Deez Creationz LLC for my wonderful Zeta Phi Beta shirt. I LOVE IT! Be sure to check her out!

Don’t forget to leave your vote as a comment. Also if you are interested in this bar before it gets on the site. Just leave a message as well and I’ll contact you. Go ahead have a little fun, Vote to Name Our Newest Soap!