Oopsie Special Soap Rate

Oopsie Special Soap Rate Hazels Soapery

What is an Oopsie Special Soap Rate? I’ll tell you what it is.

Picture this, Spartanburg 2020, the year all heck broke loose. Camille is in her lab (AKA Kitchen) making a batch of her awesome Coco Mango Mania Soap Bar. It’s late in the night, Anthony Hamilton is playing in the background and all is right with the world.

Except, the payback! See when Camille was a child she had a wonderful Aunt Mary who she used to make fun of, Terrible child, right? See Aunt Mary, while creative, loving, and fun. Had this tremor or tick. The thing Camille found funny about it was that she only really did it when she was cooking. Most ironically when she was adding salt straight from the box to the food. She would be gently shaking and all of a sudden she would twitch and a HUGE amount of salt would fly into the food. She would instantaneously yell, SH*T!. It was hilarious to little old Camille because her family didn’t swear. Not to mention the food, while good, always had a dangerous amount of sodium.

So when I (Ooops, I mean Camille, another Camille not me of course) would return back to Detroit from North Carolina she would always mimic Aunt Mary in the kitchen,

Fast forward, so as Camille has gotten older, she too has a similar type spasm. Last night as she was in her groove. 75% of the way to success. She began to pour the soap into the mold. Wouldnt you know it, she had a spasm! Beautiful orange and Coco Mango scented soap begins to fly in the air. She watched it soar, hot and lovely over the top of the mold and land everywhere but inside. Of course, the only thing she could do was yell, SH*T! At that moment she could feel the spirit of my dear Aunt Mary say her other favorite phrase, “MMHMM! That’s what you get!” As stated in the beginning this is a tale of payback. Let this be a warning to each of you. Don’t make fun of your Aunt Mary.

Coco Mango Mania Soap Bar Hazels Soapery
Coco Mango Mania Soap Bar
Oopsie Special Soap Rate

Ok, the gigs up! In case you didn’t know. She is I and I am She. This is why it is an Oopsie Special Soap Rate. The Soap is beautiful and the same as always, However, the bars are slightly smaller so I have adjusted the price to reflect that. Also to assuage my guilt!

So grab them while they are still in stock as the $7.00 price is a combination of the current Self-Care sale and the Oopsie Soap Special.

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