The Body Butter is Better!

Body Butter is Better

Say that three times fast! The Body Butter is Better, The Body Butter is Better, The Body Butter is Better….Whew, that was fun.

At any rate I am so pleased to announce that Hazel’s Soapery has found a new supplier for our Shea Butter. Not that there was anything wrong with out previous supplier. We are just making a conscious effort to shop small and to make sure that we provide you with the best ingredients. In addition we want to make sure that all of our contacts align with our core values.

So we found a young lady by the name of Nicola McLeod, of Nikki’s Naturals. I am so glad to use her Shea Butter in Hazel’s Soapery products. The quality is excellent, which means an excellent Skin Essential for you.

The Body Butter is Better Hazels Soapery
Hazel’s Soapery
Whipped Splendor Body Butter

You all know that I always say, Know Thy Ingredients. It takes it to a whole new level when you both know the ingredient and the person who is providing it.

Thank you Nicola, for your excellent ingredient as well as the best customer service.

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My new goal is to find and support other budding entrepreneurs like myself. Feel free to contact me at to see discuss we can collaborate and build together.

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