Happy 2021, Be Gentle with Yourself.

Hazels Soapery happy 2021 be gentle with yourself

Happy 2021, Be Gentle with Yourself. Pace yourself and the changes that you want to see.

Yes, the year has changed from 2020 to 2021. I’m sure many of us were glad to see 2020 go. I know I was. But guess what. Every morning you wake is the beginning of a new year. 365 days until that year is complete.

Major events are tied to the change of year that occurs between December 31 and January 1st. It brings excitement and anticipation of what’s to come and the end of things that were. It can also bring a sense of anxiety and depression for those who arent prepared to make a major life change.

So yes, Happy 2021, Be Gentle with Yourself. Alright, you weren’t prepared with a New Years Resolution, that’s ok. If your fitness journey didn’t start off this morning because it was raining. Forgive yourself. The important thing is to identify what you need to improve upon and set a timeline that you can stick with.

I know, I’m a weirdo with time. I have some issues with numbers and it has its effects on how I perceive time. So for many my thought process might seem a little foreign. But just consider for a moment not planning a major life change based on New Year. Change because your mind, body, and spirit are aligned and it will be meaningful and continuous. Commit to a change, because it makes for a better lifestyle. Divorce yourself from the feeling that New Year is the perfect time to change.

Happy 2021 be gentle with yourself
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Every day you wake is a chance, an opportunity, a moment to improve and become better. Let’s be more kind to ourselves and take some of the power away from one day. Let us become more mindful of ourselves and acknowledge the fact that as individuals on the planet we go through seasons. That our season for change or might not align with January 1 of any year. Most importantly that it is absolutely ok if it doesn’t.

So please, be gentle with yourself. If now is a good time to make a change. Then go for it with all you have. However, if it’s not. Tomorrow is a new year as well. Set a date and be great!

Wishing you all the best!
~Hazel’s Soapery

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