Coffee Soaps Back with a Makeover!

You read it right! Coffee Soaps Back in Stock with a Makeover!

What Changed?

How could we improve on our already fabulous Coffee Soaps? You ask. Here is how. For starters, we changed the shape. After receiving feedback from many of you about the pleasure you experience when using the massage bars. We changed the shape of the coffee bar from our traditional square mold to the massage bar shape.

Hazels Soapery Coffee Soaps Back with a Makeover
I’m Awake and Stay Woke have a new look!

I’m Awake

Then to give the I’m Awake bar an extra boost we added fresh coffee grounds to the bar. Why? Many of you commented that you loved the bar, but were also looking for another exfoliating bar. Coffee is a great natural exfoliant. However, be forewarned it is a deep exfoliator. So be mindful when using this bar not to scrub too hard. You don’t want to damage your skin. However, the coarse texture makes it great for removing dirt and oil for those who might work in an industry where their hands get extremely dirty. Perfect for those who have lots of dry and dead skin on their feet. It also feels extremely good on your legs, back, and shoulders. This is a true powerhouse bar, made with Coffee and Grounds, Cocoa, and in its new shape!

Stay Woke

For those who are not looking for an exfoliator in their soap. Stay Woke is the bar for you. Combining the invigorating smell of coffee, our cleansing signature recipe, and the massaging benefits make it one that coffee aficionados will love. Simple and pure, this bar will get you clean and help you Stay Woke! As the aroma of coffee often times helps to clear up brain fog.

Stay Woke Im Awake Coffee Bars
Left: Stay Woke Right: I’m Awake

What Didn’t Change

I’m Awake and Stay Woke are both still made with Triple Brewed Fresh Coffee and Skin Loving ingredients. We take the time to brew the coffee for each batch three times. Let it rest for a day before we make bar. Nothing like a good strong cup a joe! Our signature recipe hasn’t changed either. Just a new look for 2021.

Our goal is to always grow and change based on the request that you express to us. As long as they are in alignment with our mission. In this instance, your feedback was just what we needed. We hope you are as pleased with the makeover as we are!

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