Fall is Here at Hazel’s Soapery! So Be on the Lookout!

Fall is by far my favorite time of year. It was really a treat when I lived in Pennsylvania. The pretty colors of the mountains, the deer running through the fields, the feel of the nice crisp bite of autumn. If ever you need a postcard of how fall should look, take a drive through PA.

Now I live in South Carolina and Fall lasts about 2 weeks and it hasn’t started as of yet :(.

However, I just wanted to let everyone know that fall also brings new scents and variety to Hazel’s Soapery. Do be on the lookout for some of your favorites. This week Lovely Day returned. Great for those days or evening when you have the Fall sniffles and want to take a nice deep soothing breath of fresh air!

What’s your favorite fall scent? Mine is probably something with Chocolate and Cinnamon. Just drop a word in the comment box below, I’d love to know! Have a great week!

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