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Why doesn’t coconut oil work for me? Why can’t I get softer skin? How come my lotion doesn’t last? Why is my skin So Dry? All questions we get often. While we aren’t Dermatologist and don’t give medical advice. We do love to research our ingredients.

As we began to formulate our sugar scrubs, body butters, salves….just about everything. I keep in mind skin issues either myself or my children have had. One issue has been dryness. So I had to know, why doesn’t this work? They said slather and roll in just coconut oil and my skin would transform itself. Anyone else been given that piece of advice? I know it works for some…but not for me. It needed something else. It was like cooking with one ingredient. There just wasn’t enough depth. Not enough layers to make it work.

Then I wanted to know, “why?” I began searching and digging wanting to know what are the building blocks of a skin essential that would be effective for my family and you.

My research found information about Occlusives, Emollients and Humectants, the topics covered in the video. It is so important that you understand the “why” a product might or might not work. That way if you decide to create your own, you know how the ingredients work alone and together. Hopefully will also help you to begin answers questions like, “Why is my skin so dry”.

Aloe Vera Plant Natural Humectant Hazels Soapery
Why is my skin so dry
One of our favorite natural humectants our Aloe Plant “Ernie” bought from Carolina Garden World

Also should you decide you are just too busy to make, or it’s just not your cup of tea. You know the “why” I formulate my products the way I do.

Watch until the end for an easy night time skin tip!

Let me know what you think!

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