Wait! Don’t Throw Away Those Orange Peels.

Did you know you can make a cheap and effective household cleaner using left over Orange Peels?

Here’s how I make mine.

Once you have peeled your oranges. Remove all stickers and extra white 0arts and veins from the peel.

Take an empty jar. Place the orange peels in the jar and fill the jar to the top with white vinegar.

Place all contents in a sauce pan and warm under medium heat until a slow boil.

Remove all contents and place back in your heat resistant jar. Let cool a little and cover with lid.

Shake your mixture vigorously daily for one to two weeks. Do not open.

Once the time has passed strain your cleaner into a spray bottle. I add about 2/3eds and then fill the rest of the way with spring water. However the undiluted mix can be used. Viola you’re done.

I use this mix in our bathroom on counter tops and as a mist to get rid of odors.

You can use this mix with lemon and lime peels as well. Add essential oils and cloves depending on your scent preferences.

That’s it. A well performing all natural house cleaner and a use for all those orange peels that might have been tossed away.

Do you have a DIY cleanser that you make. Please share in the comments.

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