Good Ol’ Pine Tar Liquid Body Soap



Let’s face it! A bar of Hazel’s Soapery Good Ol’ Pine Tar Soap is about as good as it gets.  However, we wanted to provide you with a liquid Vegan-Friendly version. We know have Good Ol’ Pine Tar Liquid Body Soap!!

Why a Liquid soap?  We received several reviews detailing ALL the places :O that you have used our bar soap.  In some, particularly for those who use it on their hair and face, or to bathe their younger children, it was requested as a matter of being easier to use.  Likewise, we use a tad bit of yogurt in our bar.  However, for our Vegan Friends, this bar has no added dairy.

pine tar set hazels soapery
Watch Whatya Makin Mille to see how its made!

So what stays the same? That wonderful campfire smell certainly stays the same. The deep cleansing that Pine Tar remains unchanged. All the other great reasons that our Grand Parents kept a tin in the home. In addition, we are very intentional about keeping this bar as pure and true to old recipes as possible. Which means, No added Colors and No added Scents. They both originate from the natural color and smell of the actual Pine Tar. Making Good Ol’ Pine Tar Liquid Body Soap an exceptional all-natural soap.

Safe for the entire family and an all-over clean from Head to Toe. Great for the outdoorsy person who likes to camp, fish, and hike. Perfect for those who are mindful of taking excellent care of their skin. In addition, you can also use it as a Shampoo as well!

The Liquid Soap actually combines very nicely with our Good Ol’ Pine Tar Salve  as well as our Good Ol’ Pine Tar Bar Soap.


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