Gentlemen’s Collection Beard Balm

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Gentlemen’s Collection Beard Balm is made for bearded men, who want a healthy beard without taking too much time! Beard and Moustache care is essential to having soft and manageable facial hair. It is equally important for caring for your skin underneath. However, most people do not have a ton of time to devote to beard maintenance on a daily basis.Hazels Soapery Gentlemens collectikon Beard Oil

That is where Gentlemen’s Collection Beard Balm comes in.  Made with handpicked oils and butters that will maximize moisture, softness and growth. While nourishing the skin to aid with ingrown hairs, scratchiness and protection of your skin. However, our Beard Balm can be used daily and in a matter or moments.  As a matter of fact, we actually recommend for optimum hydration, to use the balm within three minutes of taking a bath or shower. This helps to seal in moisture. Dab a little in your palm, spread it out in your hands. Then comb with a wooden comb

Finally, lets make it a set by adding complimentary Beard Oils and Cleansing Bars (to be used from head to toe, including beards).

Additional information

Weight 2 oz
Scent choice

Be Still, Tea Tree Oil, My People, Nyrvana, sensual tropical blend


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