Fig-in Plantain! Vegan-Friendly Soap Bar

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Fig-in Plantain! Vegan-Friendly Soap Bar is the first Bar Soap that Hazel’s Soapery has created that is completely vegan-friendly. Well, depending on where you fall on the Figs being Vegan debate :).

Fig-in Plantain! Vegan-Friendly Soap Bar is created using fresh pureed Plantains, Fig Essential Oil, and Aloe Vera Juice.  Man, talk about a highly conditioning soap bar. this soap feels so good and smells great too!

Fig-in Plantain
Fig-in Plantain Vegan-Friendly Soap

At Hazel’s Soapery we never use Lard, Tallow, or Soy in our products.  However, sometimes we do use a small amount of Greek Yogurt in our soaps. However,  Fig-in Plantain! contains NONE of the above.  Just skin-loving oils and plant-based ingredients.  Therefore, making this a soap that fits your Vegan Lifestyle!  Fig’in Plantain was created with your specific needs in mind.

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