Boho Chic Massage Bar

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Boho Chic Massage Bar Soap (Check out our New Look) – your gateway to a soothing self-care experience infused with a touch of carefree charm. This isn’t just your ordinary massage soap bar; it’s designed with the free spirit in mind.

**Scent Profile:**

Envision a leisurely stroll through a sunlit lavender field. Boho Chic captures this sensation with its blend of fresh lavender buds and more. It features notes of patchouli, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, amber, violet, cedarwood, and a powdery tonka undertone, creating an earthy, floral, and incredibly calming aroma.


For those moments when you seek relaxation, the Boho Chic is your ideal choice. Forget about spa reservations or complicated schedules; it’s relaxation on your terms. Crafted with skin-loving ingredients, this bar indulges and nurtures your skin effortlessly.

**Boho Vibes:**

With its laid-back, easy-going aura, this massage bar transports you to a place of contentment. Whether you’re a free spirit or simply yearning for a break from the daily grind, the Boho Chic is here to guide you on the path to serenity.

**Experience the Boho Chic Magic:**

Embrace your inner free spirit and elevate your self-care routine with the Boho Chic Massage Bar Soap from Hazels Soapery. Get yours today and treat yourself to relaxation, one massage at a time. Want to see her new look?

Boho Chic pairs well with our Elevation Foot Scrubs

Boho Chic Cleansing Bar is delightful in aroma, cleansing and appearance. A scent every Bohemian should possess. Notes of fresh lavender buds infused with patchouli, sandalwood, ylang ylang, amber, violet, cedar wood, and powdery tonka.

This is one of our best sellers and personal favorites. It has just the right balance of softness and power. Can be used when you want to relax or on those days when you just need to get it done.

This bar would pair nicely with matching Whipped Splendor Body Butter


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