As I watched the video below by Erica Campbell, and laughed, I realized how many people have the exact same question. To be honest, I worried about the same thing the first time I tried Natural Deodorant and chickened out. Now I’m back using it and thought this information might be useful for those wanting to make the change.

Does Natural Deodorant Work?

The quick answer is, Yes.  

However Natural Deodorant is different than commercial deodorant.  If you are making the switch here a few tips that will help ease the transition and get the most coverage.  

Keep in mind, natural deodorant is first and foremost not an antiperspirant. After all, why would it be?   Our bodies are designed to perspire as a way to regulate our body temperature and to rid our body of waste and toxins. This function is part of a healthy body by design and should not be suppressed.  If you have major concerns about the amount you perspire, it’s probably a good idea to discuss this with your physician. Be sure to mention that you are looking for natural ways to remedy your concern.


Don’t give up on your natural deodorant the first day or two.  It takes time for your body to adjust to Natural Deodorants and to get rid of the commercial deodorants that are in your system.  A good rule of thumb is to give it 2-3 weeks to adjust.

During this time your body will be ridding itself of the commercial deodorants as well as remembering how to operate without having certain functions suppressed.

The first couple days you don’t notice much of a difference at all.  The next few days or week you are probably a little more pungent and begin to think this will never work, then as your body continues to adjust you will notice it works.  Allow the time for your body to go through the transition it will get better as time goes by. If you have ever given up caffeine or smoking you understand the difficulties in making it through the process. Deodorant is not much different so don’t give up on the process


Detoxing your armpits will go a long way in helping you transition from commercial to natural deodorant. Ridding your body of toxins and commercial deodorant build up will aid natural deodorant to work most effectively.  Your detox does not have to a complex ritual. As a matter of fact, a simple two ingredient mix of Bentonite Clay and water or Apple Cider Vinegar is effective and cost friendly.

Try a patch test first if you have never used this combination of ingredients.. Start in 2 minute time increments and increase by a minute if needed.  I do not recommend leaving any longer than 5 five minutes. There could be some redness as it pulls out of the gunk. Discontinue use if it causes any type of burning or irritation.

As you use the deodorant  there will be times when you will need to repeat this process again.  Keep in mind the premise of using natural deodorant is different than commercial and at times will require that you give your body a little extra TLC.  Which brings me to my next point.

Understanding your Body

Our bodies are designed to regulate and adjust when needed.  Pay close attention to your body when using natural deodorant.  If you consume foods that are pungent. then when you sweat, your perspiration will be pungent.  For example foods like onions and garlic or the spice curry have really strong smells. While each of these foods have excellent benefits, you might notice when you consume them (or brown liquor) your sweat might have a stronger odor. This is normal for the next couple days as they work their way out of your system. For women another time you might notice a stronger odor is during or approaching your monthly cycle.

Don’t give up on your deodorant at this time. You can do an internal detox or even another pit detox.  However paying close attention and getting to know your body will give you the tools to make the transition and continual use successful


Depending on the type of deodorant that you choose. You might find that you need to reapply a few times a day. Especially in the beginning few weeks.  That is ok, again your body needs to acclimate itself to the change in products. As time progresses you will notice that you can go longer times in between application.

Keep in mind that our bodies are designed to function without the use of deodorants. So when you are in the house for the day, try going longer periods of time without applying and just let your body do its thing.

Finally as with most things concerning our bodies,


You put out what you put in.  So be sure that you are drinking lots and lots of water.  

Perspiration is another form of waste and just like urine and bowel movements you can tell if you are drinking enough water by your smell.  Most Natural Deodorant is made of ingredients that will help with smell and freshness. However it is not a cure for what is going on inside of your body.

Drinking the right amount of water will help your body to flush itself of impurities.  It will also dilute the concentration of your perspiration so that it is not as pungent or discolored.  As my Grandmother Hazel would say, “You’re not drinking enough water!” When asked why she would reply, “Cause I can smell ya!” Same holds true with armpits as it does with most of our bodily functions.

It’s getting hot out here and the last thing anyone wants to do is offend those close by with body odor.  However with a little time and patience you can make the transition from commercial to natural deodorant with little effort. I hope this information helps you along your journey.  Natural Deodorant, like all things healthier, might take a few short term adjustments. However, the long term benefits make this a great decision for you to at least try.