Good Day for the Guys!

Today is turning out to be really exciting at Hazel’s Soapery. Every order that was shipped was sent to a Gentleman customer.

Some might wonder why this makes our day so great, and the answer it is really simple. When the term “self-care” is used many of us think of women needing a break from their everyday routine, spas, and wine and girl talk come to mind. However, men also need to take care of themselves, to relax and to care for their overall health as well as their skin. So when we see a group of men who are being proactive in taking care of themselves, it brings us great joy to be able to provide a part of that service.

Are there any men in your life whose skin care regimen could use an upgrade? Are you a Gentleman who knows how to take care of your external well being as well as your internal? If so, Hazel’s Soapery has you covered.

Not sure where to start? We recommend:
Naked Whipped Splendor Body Butter
Be Still
Stone Cold Scrubber
For a start!

Handmade with Love, Just for You!

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