A Healthier Alternative to the soap the Rhymes with “love” coupon code included

Hi All:

I know many of you have heard about or seen the offensive ad run by a major soap company.

I also know that many of you, especially those with sensitive skin, only use this brand. Trust me I understand. I too struggle with sensitive skin. I will break out in hives just by rubbing against the wrong material. My face can turn red and burn at the slightest change in temperature or environment. Let’s not even talk about changing laundry detergent or soap. However, this is why I started making my own body essentials. The improvement and lack of incidents has helped me greatly. No medical claims at all, just my personal experience.

Well Hazel’s Soapery wants to provide you with the opportunity to try us out. I know some of you are upset. I know some of you just want a healthier alternative. That is all fine! Whatever your reason, try us now and receive 15% off your entire order.

We have both handmade and natural options available. Most importantly we love and respect you and your investment in our business.

Use coupon code: switch15 at check out.

Now is the time for you to make the switch!

Please feel free to contact me with any questions @ camille@www.hazelssoapery.com

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