Why is My Face So Red?

Why is my face so red Hazels SOapery

I’m sure I’ve told y’all that some nights my face is really red and feels like it is on fire. Especially around my nose and cheeks. Tonight is one of those nights. Im going through the list of where I went, what I ate, touched breathed on etc. All in an attempt to figure out WHY IS MY FACE SO RED. Look these aren’t glamor shots. It’s me getting ready to watch #mayansmc as I quickly fall asleep. 

However I wanted to jump on here and let you know what I usjed to cool it down. I washed gently with Divine Face and Body Bar, quickly. Just to lift off whatever dirt and oils are right on the surface. It’s already irritated so why make it worse by scrubbing or leaving anything on it too long. I pat dry, being careful not to remove all the water. Moisture is critical tonight. Then, and this is the most important step for me. I pinch a piece of my Aloe Vera plant, split it down the middle and rub. That is it. I leave it to do its work.

Why Is My Face So Red Haze's Soapery

For years I have had to ask the question, Why is my face so red? Over the years the outbreaks have decreased. I can usually feel it coming before it gets bad, but this time it got me good. I have gone to the Dr.s and ruled out several things. However, what I can say is this. I have tried creams, medicines and all kids of cleansers and hands down nothing works for me as well as a quick wash (I mean quick) and Aloe Plant right out the dirt. It cools the hotness right away and usually the redness is gone by am.

My point is simply this. I am a soap and skin essential maker. While I would love for you to buy all my products, the truth is sometimes nature provides for us exactly what we need. As pure and as simple as it grows out the ground. This along with drinking plenty of water work really well for me, so I wanted to share with you. Our grandparents knew something by keeping an Aloe Plant in the house. Oh and they are soooo hard to kill. I learned the hard way, just leave them alone until they dry out then water.

Why Is My Face So Red My Aloe Plant
My Aloe Plant Babies
Why are they so good for you?

What home or natural remedies’ do you use?

Looking for an Aloe Plant? Be sure to check out your local farmers and urban gardeners to see if they have them in stock.

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