Teen Face Cleaning Video Tutorial

I brag a lot about teens using our Divine and Be Still Cleansing Bars. Why? Becuase they give us feedback saying they love them to balance their skin. Come on, how often do teens say they Love anything. However, this time I figured it would be better to show you a video and interview with a real live teen!! Hope you enjoy (My) Teen Face Cleaning Video Tutorial Using Divine Cleansing Bar

What’s the difference between the two soap bars? Divine has Activated Charcoal and Lavender Essential Oil, making it great for sensitive and dry skin. Be Still, packed with Activated Charcoal, Bentonite Clay and Tea Tree Oil, is a powerhouse on oily skin and those looking for a bar with more pull. Be still tends to be a teen guys favorite.

Get some for your teen and have them share a video with us as well! We love customer feedback. Especially if you can get your teen to do one for soap. Good luck! Can’t you tell mine is super excited:). Actually, it wasn’t that hard to get her to do the Teen Face Cleaning Video Tutorial. I just waited until she was going to wash her face and followed her.

This is her first video, I think she did pretty darn good.

As always we hope you enjoy. Perhaps I will be able to persuade her to make more videos in the future. As far as your teen is concerned, feel free to leave a comment with any questions you might have.

PS Don’t forget to encourage your teen to drink plenty of water for healthier skin! The link above has a lot of great tips to encourage water drinking.

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