Peace of Mind Liquid Body Soap


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Introducing Hazels Soapery’s Peace of Mind Liquid Body Soap – Your Tranquil Oasis in a Bottle

Experience tranquility with Peace of Mind Liquid Body Soap, crafted by Hazels Soapery. This vegan-friendly, all-natural liquid soap offers more than cleanliness; it’s an indulgent retreat for your senses.Hazel's Soapery All Natural Vegan Friendly Liquid Body Soap

Infused with Lavender and Vanilla Essential Oils, our liquid body soap transforms cleansing into a serene ritual. Wash away the strains of the day enveloped in relaxation. Whether at day’s end or start, this soap soothes skin and soul.

For Hazel’s Soapery bar soap enthusiasts craving liquid convenience, meet your match. This liquid soap captures Hazel’s Soapery’s quality and care. For a morning pick-me-up, pair it with our Get Up Liquid Body Soap – the perfect energizing duo.

A gentle reminder: This liquid soap contains natural Vanilla oils. Embrace its evolving, deeper hue – a testament to our commitment to purity.

Indulge in tranquility with Peace of Mind Liquid Body Soap by Hazels Soapery. Elevate your routine and embrace nature’s serenity.



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