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Let’s Chill All Natural Soap Bar is created for those days when you just need to chill out!

Let’s Chill is Hazel’s Soapery special house blend made from Lavender, Chamomile, and Blood Orange Essential Oils.  Designed for those days and nights when everything has been a little too much and you need to unwind.

Both Lavender and Chamomile have long been known for their ability to help reduce stress and anxiety. A  great bar for a nighttime bath or shower when you need a little extra help relaxing. Or this bar can be used at the onset of a hectic day.

This bar was made on Nov 2. 2020. As many of you know, this was a very hectic day.  As the evening approached, I found that I needed a distraction. I needed to get my hands busy knowing that this would help me to relax.  The entire time, the thought that kept running through my mind was, Hey everybody, Let’s Chill. Just take a step back, relax, and change our focus. Thus, a bar for everyone was created.

Now, we all know we all have our moments when we are a little too wound up.  Or know a person who is a little high strung.  If this sounds like you or someone you know. Let’s Chill All Natural Soap is the bar you want to have.  It is even great for your young family members who might have a hard time winding down before bed.

Let’s Chill All Natural Soap pairs excellent with our Whipped Splendor Body Butters as well as our Mindful Shower Sugar Scrub Sets.


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