T and T – Turmeric & Tomato Face and Body Spa Bar


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Fresh from local farms tomatoes and custom infused turmeric oil were used to make this exquisite bar, for those with maturing skin or teens. This bar is unscented, as we did not want to alter the effects of this cleanser by adding any additional oils or scents. However, the faint smell of Shea Butter gently lingers.

Tomatoes are known for shrinking pores, removing blackheads, and giving dull skin a refreshed look. Turmeric has a long history in many cultures for its ability to help with blemishes, brighten skin, as well as antibacterial properties. Shea Butter, well it is the icing on the cake in this blend. It is said to bring circulation to the skin, as well as to replenish moisture.

Looking for a glowing supple refreshed face? This bar is designed with you in mind. This isn’t our traditional recipe, this bar was planned and designed with extra butters and oils and fresh ingredients to be an even more exquisite treat for you.

Try T&T, its the bomb! (Sorry, couldn’t resist!)


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