Sweet Unicorn Magic Soap Bar


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Sweet Unicorn Magic Soap Bar is scented with a delightful Strawberries and Cream fragrance.  Topped with a sweet little unicorn, and a dusting of magic glitter.  This MEGA-sized bar is perfect for those who need a little magic in their life.

Who doesn’t need a little Unicorn Magic in their lives right now?

Due to its Mega-Size, we highly recommend that you cut this Magic bar into smaller pieces for use. You can see the cut here.

Boho Chic Soap Bar Hazels Soapery

Compare Boho Chic a standard size bar to Sweet Unicorn Magic

Sweet Unicorn Magic Soap Bar Hazels Soapery

Sweet Unicorn is a MEGA-SIZED Soap Bar. Must be all that Sweet Magic!

Sweet Unicorn Magic Soap Bar is a Limited Edition Bar to Hazel’s Soapery.  However, we might be able to be convinced to keep it around a little longer.  So be sure to give us some feedback.  Only 6 available so don’t delay, get yours today.

PS We are fully aware that ALL PEOPLE dig Unicorns. So nope, it’s not just for children!



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