Spa-Time Luxurious Body Lotion



Spa-Time Luxurious Body Lotion
Hazels Soapery Introduces New Body Lotion

Spa-Time Luxurious Body Lotion is rich and creamy and perfect for most skin types. Scented with fresh citrus blends with lemongrass, bergamot is reminiscent of a self-care day at the Spa. After all, at Hazel’s Soapery we believe, “You Deserve a Little Self-Care Every Day!”

If you are a fan of our Body Butter, and ever felt like you wish there was something lighter. This is the perfect lotion for you. If your current moisturizer is too runny or just isn’t hydrating enough. This is the perfect lotion for you as well.

Made with Shea Butter and Safflower Oil, It has a thick and rich texture that provides great moisture. However, it is created to absorb quickly. Leaving your skin feeling light, free and smooth. While being well moisturized at the same time.

You will be pleasantly surprised that our Spa-Time Luxurious Body Lotion is so rich and creamy. Yet, still leaves your skin feeling so silky and hydrated!


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