Leo’s Harvest Muscadine Soap Bar


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Leo’s Harvest Muscadine Soap Bar

Muscadines are used in wines and jams, a sweet-smelling grape, with a light bit of tang at the end.  They bring back to mind pleasant memories and the turn of the seasons. A break from the heat and the welcoming of cooler days. Especially in the South. just when you have had enough of Summer, they show up at the produce market bearing the promise of fall.

Leo's Harvest Muscadine Soap Bar

 Muscadine Soap Bar

Leo’s Harvest is a bright fragrance oil scent, for those who enjoy fruity aromas, that are not too sweet.

Leo’s Harvest Muscadine Soap Bar was inspired my Grandmother, Hazel. Created during the month of her birth, August, and scented with the smell of her favorite fruit, which we enjoyed sharing together. Hence the name Leo’s Harvest.

Get yours before they are gone. Much like these delicious grapes, this bar is seasonal and only around for a short time.

NOTE: Natural and Handmade Soaps need to be allowed to dry out between uses away from direct exposure to water.  In addition, a tray with holes or slotted soap tray will assist with the preservation of your bar as well as cut the bar into smaller hand-sized pieces.

The photo is an example of the soap you will receive.  However, due to the nature of Handcrafted soap, there will be slight differences in the appearance of each bar.

Once you try Hazel’s you will never go back!



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