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And the winner is (insert drumroll) Cool Off Soap Bar

A big, “Thank You” for those who voted on Hazel’s Soapery Instagram as well as on Hazel’s Soapery Facebook pages.  If you didn’t vote, you must not be following. So click on the links and join in the fun!

Cool Off is a new scent to the line-up.  As stated in the video, I am a huge Missy Elliott fan. I have been since she first came on the scene. So it was no surprise that her song, Cool Off would inspire a great smelling fun soap.Cool Off Soap Bar

Cool Off Soap Bar is created to look like a sunset in the colors of yellow, orange, and red after a hot summer day. Scented with fresh, clean & citrus-like floral scents. That opens with Egyptian musk and warm, rich French vanilla notes. The floral heart exudes sweetness with jasmine, lilac and peony bloom that usher in powdery floral accords and warm musk at the base. This is a very detailed description as an easier description is, it smells like a laundry detergent that rhymes with Rain. You know the one in the green bottle that smells soooo good.  That one :)!

So don’t miss out on what I am sure is going to be one of our best selling bars ever! Get yours now.  Also if you happen to know Missy, tell her I said, Thanks for being my muse.  Maybe next time I make it, there will be a #Cooloffchallenge video to go along with it. Also, she should definitely try some!


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